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We have the Expertise, the Vision and the Tools to effectively assist our customers in achieving their design and development objectives in the best and most cost effective manner.  We aim to contribute real value to our clients and their ventures by offering better ideas, better approaches and better solutions. 


Our engineering consulting services are professional, competitively priced and practical. We deliver excellent value to our customers in providing guidance and support to achieve best in class solutions and profitable investments.

Clients value our input on conceptual design, detailed design and constructability. We are repeatedly hired because of our clear, quality drawing packages and consistency of service. Combining this with our reliable delivery and solid collaboration means accurate costing, quality end products and many satisfied clients. 


IDDEL offers a complete suite of services aimed at:


  1. Maximising clients profits

  2. Maximising value and functionality to the clients relative to their budgets

  3. Facilitating procurement and contracting

  4. Reducing construction costs

  5. Facilitating constructability and commissioning

  6. Speeding up construction

  7. Providing appropriate interface with authorities having jurisdiction

  8. Providing timely inspections, technical support and regulatory certifications


Our professional engineering services save our clients substantial money, at the design phase, at the procurement phase, at the construction phase and at the commissioning phase of their development projects.


Our History


We have been providing our professional engineering and consulting services since 2001 under the corporate name Newfoundland Energy Services Ltd. In 2010, the company was restructured and we have been operating within the Innovative Development & Design Engineers Ltd. company to better reflect the nature of our services offering.


Since our beginning in 2001, our company has grown to offer multi-disciplinary engineering consulting services with a broad range of capabilities and experiences in building systems design and technologies, environmental science, industrial systems and facilities design, as well as construction and project management. We have done large and small projects, as prime consultant and as sub-consultants. We work with architectural and other engineering firms to provide our client the best solutions with the best value and timely delivery.

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